IATROS International is a private, independent Clinical Research Facility in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa.

Our highest priority is patient care and wellbeing within the milieu of high quality research.

IATROS International is owned, and managed by a number of physicians, including 3 three specialist physicians, two oncologists, two cardiologists and one neurologist.. The diverse interests of the involved physicians gives us access to a vast and diverse patient population. The estimated number of patients accessable via the involved physicians is more than 30 000.

The research unit focuses on Phase II and III clinical trials.

The clinical staff has a wealth of experience, both in their respective fields of interest and expertise, as well as in clinical research. All staff members conducting the clinical trials are GCP trained.

Fields of interest include:
• Cardiology
• Diabetes Foot
• Endocrinology, including DM
• Gastro-intestinal diseases
• Haematology
• Infective diseases including HIV / AIDS
• Intensive care
• Neurology
• Nephrology
• Oncology
• Respiratory diseases
• Rheumatology